Thursday 31 January 2019

January 2019

According to my reckoning 143 species were reported seen within the London recording area.  I did not see all of them.  I did see some nice birds, which is just as well as I reckon I clocked up well over 300 miles on foot and several times that on the train, bus and tube,  I will be doing the same in February too, which may suggest to some of the more enlightened amongst you that I am doing another PLL (Pointless London List)!

Thursday 20 September 2018

Patchwork challenge: Beyond 100 days

My big London year interrupted I am now a full time carer for my mother!  Luckily I have few hours free time a day and luckily some kind local farmers have created me a decent patch just down the road. I reckon they went a bit far making into a reservoir when the quarry was less than shabby, but you go with what you got!

So here's the new patch (above), handily close to the house and handily pretty good for birds: I had set a target of 130 and achieved that with near on four months to spare

1              Wood Pigeon    

2              Robin 


3              Wren     

4              Blackbird          

5              Carrion Crow      

6              Black-headed Gull      
Breeding locally.  Up to 200 birds present on the 4th July

7              Blue Tit


8              Dunnock 

9              Great Spotted Woodpecker  

10            Great Tit          

11            Chaffinch 

12            Collared Dove    

13            Long-tailed Tit   

14            Magpie
15            Lesser Black-backed Gull  
Resident non-breeding  first juveniles seen over the resi on the 22nd JulyAt the end of the summer last year close to a thousand birds gathered on the banks of the quarry prior to heading off to roost  

2nd August: 300+ birds in afternoon roost. Numbers fluctuated daily throughout August and September (and throughout the day) with birds roosting in a ploughed field to the south of the resi intermittently visiting it for a bit of preen.  Passage just before dusk as birds fly north to their final roost numbering well over 100 birds.


16           Mallard
1 abandoned duckling and then a brood of 5 from a nest elsewhere.  Another brood of 3 on the Granta

17           Coot  
(8 records) Decidedly rare so far.  First bird to reach the reservoir was not until the 8th July, I imagine numbers will pick up in the winter–in August one regularly appeared on the resi. 4 birds on the 23rd August, 12 on 9th September

18           Golden Plover   
Winter visitor. Seen most days in small numbers but flocks in excess of 500 birds were seen before the big freeze.
19           Tufted Duck    
Resident breeding: the first duck to move in on the reservoir, numbers increasing, but fluctuating throughout the day as birds move between the fishing lakes to the south.
3 broods successfully hatched with 14 young, all presumably from nests on the island in itself a remarkable achievement.

20           Mute Swan    
A resident pair soon took to the reservoir, but the cobb had its work cut out trying to keep newcomers off their patch due to the size of the lake.  In the end a kind of un-easy peace was brokered between the 7 birds that are now a permanent fixture. By September there was just one bird left its mate had died and been predated. Between the 12th and the 15th the remaining swan also died, seemingly in it's sleep as its head was tucked into its wings–a case of death by grieving?

Birds nested on the Granta rearing 4 chicks


21           Song Thrush   

22           Redwing      
Winter visitor and on passage

23           Goldfinch   
Flocks of over 50 birds during the winter

24           Moorhen 
Haven't reached the reservoir yet, but frequent the ditches, streams and rivers in the area       

25           Stock Dove       
(30+ pairs) I can only go by the numbers of birds drawn to the seed drilling around the reservoir, but there appears to be a healthy population in the area.    

26           Common Snipe
(9) Considering the wet spring I would have been confident that more would have been seen, especially as the owner of the water meadow has created a boggy patch especially for Snipe. 4 returning birds on the 25th July. 

2 on the 4th August, a single bird heard on the 5th, 1 north on the 8th, 1 landed on the apron of the reservoir before heading off to the water-meadows on the 14th, 1 on the 20th heading west.

1 September 2nd

27           Fieldfare    
28           Water Rail    
Winter visitor with 5+ in the ditches and reed bed by the railway line
29           Kestrel  
(c. 2 territories).  Seen most days

30           Meadow Pipit    
Winter visitor with 20+ not uncommon.  I thought breeding was a possibility especially as they breed up the road at Great Kneighton country park. First returning bird of the Autumn on the last day of August.  7 on the 9th September appeared to lingering

31           Pheasant 


32           Cormorant          

33           Green Sandpiper       
Winter visitor, often seen when quarrying was in operation, and in flight between their and other feeding grounds. First returning Autumn bird  on the 23rd June.
August: 2 birds last on the 24th 
September: One on the 3rd, 

34           Green Woodpecker        
Resident: More likely to be heard and seen than Great Spotted Woodpecker

35           Stonechat           
(2) Winter visitor: a pair braving the track area and surviving through the big freeze

36           Yellowhammer
(2+ pairs) can be found throughout the area to the outskirts of Cambridge.  Pair nested in brambles near Dernford Farm. 5 on the 3rd September

37           Jackdaw       
Probably the commonest corvid in these parts, definitely the noisiest.  In winter roosts of several thousand birds occur in woods in the locality where they appear to mix with the local Rook population  

38           Linnet   
(>10 breeding pairs) By mid-August up to 100 birds flocking around the area

39           Sparrowhawk  
Last year I found that there were a pair of Sparrowhawk at each end of the village, this year the calls of a hungry chick from the woodland in the NE corner of the patch

40           Goldcrest     
Resident: Breeding confined to the more wooded areas, but in winter birds can be found anywhere

41           Coal Tit
Common in the village–we actually had a nest in an old nest box in the garden–due to a good mix of evergreens and conifer

42           Herring Gull     
Winter visitor in small numbers compared with LBBG returning birds by the end of July
43           Lapwing      
Nested in the quarry last year with 1 young fledged.  2 pairs prospected the reservoir this year and found it not as suitable, though may have nested locally.  Mainly a winter visitor with large flocks associating with Golden Plover in the surrounding area. Numbers often in excess of 500+, however after the big freeze, the birds didn't come back.  

Seen most days from end of June onwards, though scarcer in August! 
September: first large flock of 130+ on the 1st, 50+ on the 2nd

44           Canada Goose  

45           Bullfinch     

46           Reed Bunting     
4+ territories, probably an underestimate

47           Little Egret 
9 north over the reservoir on the 11th July though larger counts were taken on the water-meadows during January-March and before the big freeze.  

48           Rook      
Large numbers, unsurprisingly

49           Common Gull  
Winter visitor with the first returning birds towards the end of June including some 1cy youngsters

50           Skylark
Appear to be doing pretty well round these parts, whether that is the case this year we will have to wait and see.  First birds on the reservoir had their nests wiped out when they drilled grass seed, then early harvesting in nearby fields–even in some spring sown crops–may have done for other late nests.

With plans to open the reservoir to the public dogs off leads will not help breeding birds

51           Greylag Goose  02/01/2018
1 brood of 7 raised on the reservoir has been joined with 3 further local broods–75+ birds by the end of July 

52           Greenfinch    
53           Grey Heron   
There used to be an active heronry just to the east of the but I have been informed that this has now gone

54           Pied Wagtail     

55           Common Buzzard     
(4+ pairs)  The most abundant raptor in the area 


56           Great Black-backed Gull 
More often seen in winter when gull numbers are highest, First returning bird of the Autumn on the 2nd September

57           Yellow-legged Gull   
Several adults were seen in the pre-roost gatherings on the quarry and later the filling reservoir, with one adult seen at Great Kneighton Country Park from September onwards.  An adult was seen over the winter period on a few days. On the 17th July the first juvenile bird turned up o the reservoir, unfortunately it was picked up by the RSPCA on the 19th and euthanised due to its poor state, probably brought on by the ingestion of plastics

August: 3 (2 adult & 1cy) on reservoir in small gull roost at midday on the 5th, Steve Cooper had 4 birds the previous day (4th) 

September: 4 adults with LBBG in roost on the 10th,

58           Ringed Plover    
Flock of 20 + on January 2nd was a surprise. 3 birds on migration (18th, 26th May), 2 on the 22nd July. 2 on the 5th of August, 2 on the 7th, 2 on the 10th down to 1 the next day

September: juvenile bird from the 14th September-18th at least

59           Starling
Strangely uncommon in these parts, a handful going to roost in the evenings, but few are seen even in the village–like the sparrow they probably suffer from lack of nest sites.

60           Gadwall       
Winter visitor, may breed in Dernford Fen.  Birds from the fen regularly roost overnight on the reservoir during the winter. A small group of birds appeared on the reservoir which could have included young. 

With a great deal of weed in the reservoir I reckon there will be more appearances from this duck in future
61           Red-legged Partridge     

Family party of 8 birds with 2 young on the 20th August in ploughed field to south of reservoir, 11 again in the same field in the evening of the 22nd

62           Mistle Thrush    03/01/2018
A pair nested at Dernford Farm and 9 young successfully fledged.  A flock of 13 on the 15th July over the railway crossing and 35+ on the 17th July

63           Feral Pigeon       
Not many of these around these parts

64           Peregrine Falcon        
(2) Presumably the Cambridge pair are seen once or twice a month

65           Grey Wagtail     
At least 2 pairs with young seen on the edges of the reservoir. Towards the end of July numbers fell away abruptly


66           Barn Owl              04/01/2018
Following my first sighting of one hunting on the edge of the reservoir last autumn, sightings became more regular culminating with the appearance of a second bird this winter, however neither were seen after the beast from the east.  I have since been informed that one was found dead on the main road and I last saw the remaining bird towards Babraham in June.

67           Teal    
First birds on the 04/01/2018 heard calling from Dernford Fen where they may even breed, occasional visitor to the reservoir with a high of 9 on the 12th July, between 3–5 on the reservoir throughout most of June
September: 13 on the 3rd

68           Wigeon
Winter visitor. First returning bird on the 4th July
September: 2 on the 3rd 

69           Shoveler              05/01/2018
Winter visitor.  Returning birds by the middle of July.

Another that spends most of its time in Dernford Fen in the  wet woodland that lines the railway, and also one that should increasingly appear on the resi as time goes by.

70           Merlin   
First record a male having a pop at the Meadow Pipit in the field by the track late last year, then a female through over the railway crossing  on the 5th of January

71           Siskin  
Winter visitor, rarely in large flocks and then mainly in alders by the river in the village though does come to feeders occasionally   

72           Jay  
With oak not the dominant tree species, Jay are not as numerous as you'd expect

73           Redpoll

(<5) Winter visitor

74           Chiffchaff            08/01/2018
The wintering bird in the ditch by the railway crossing survived the big chill. 3-4 birds singing on territory in the summer

75           Tawny Owl          09/01/2018
A bird calling from Dernford Fen, and then a young bird calling from the wood by the river in June are the only record, though Tawny Owls are heard most nights in the village
76           Mandarin Duck
Up to 50 birds have been seen coming into roost at the waterfowl collection by its owner, the most I could manage over the year's are c. 30 birds. Either way a healthy population is present in the area.  Birds most likely to be seen coming into roost from Dernford Fen or from the rivers.

August: Female with 2 young below the mill on the 8th

77           Goosander         10/01/2018
Winter visitor with up to 3 birds regularly roosting on the reservoir.  According to Mike Foley one actually summered in the area. First returning birds of the autumn were a group of 7 youngsters on the 8th August for an hour or more before heading off to the river just south of Shelford. 9 birds the following day circled the reservoir twice before dropping down in the same place as the day before, and again on the 11th.  Spoke to a local birder from Shelford who said that these were hatched on the river in Little Shelford and if that is the case could be a first for Cambridgeshire! 2-4 birds were seen regularly in the evening towards the middle of August from this brood, the others apparently had moved to a larger river!

78           Grey Partridge  

79           Shelduck              11/01/2018
Last year a pair inspected the sand piles but were probably discouraged from breeding.  This year singles on a number of occasions in January-Mar, first returning bird on 10th July. Juvvy bird on the 25th July and 6th August

80           Common Pochard  
(c. 10) Presently a scarce visitor, but that could change with the filling of the reservoir, especially seeing how well Tufted Duck have taken to it! 3 on the 11th January, thereafter singles and all female
81           Kingfisher            19/01/2018
(6) Sightings well down this year

82           Red Kite   
Virtually a daily occurrence over the reservoir, with 3 in the same air-space on the 29th June. Apparently bred near Little Shelford a couple of year's back.  Spoke to a local lady who said she had 2 nests nearby to the south

83           Treecreeper       22/01/2018
A few birds breed in the village and that end of the patch is the most likely place to come across them, however a bird was seen occasionally in trees along the railway line last winter

84           Woodcock           07/02/2018
Winter visitor, with up to 10 birds beig counted on a number of occasions at dusk flying between Dernford Fen and the watermeadows to the west of the railway

85           House Sparrow 17/02/2018
(1) The one and only sparrow I have seen here in all the time I've been visiting. There aren't that many about, last year I only had 3 in the village and another small group in Whittlesford to the south, this year only 3 birds to the east of the recreation ground. It can't be down to a lack of food plants as there's a lot of set-aside and wide verges with good numbers of other seed eaters.  It must be down to a lack of suitable nesting sites.

86           Oystercatcher   18/02/2018
Singles on 5 days–presumably the same bird, with 2 on the 11th June

87           Little Grebe        03/03/2018
Used to be present on the quarry site but took a long time to take to the reservoir.  First sighting just below the mill, then on the 18th May numbers started appearing on the lake, with a high of 7 on the 10th July (2 young birds among them)–they all had disappeared by the end of the month. One juvenile bird on the 6th August, 9th (joined by another bird) & 10th

September: 4 on the 10th

88           Great Crested Grebe     31/03/2018
2 birds, presumably a pair on and off since the initial sighting in March, on several occasions during June and July have been joined by a young bird.  The pair would presumably look to breed here if there were anywhere suitable to nest, but quite what they are feeding on is open to conjecture: I did see a small shoal of trout back at the end of may, and other small fry may have survived going through the pump from the river—I would imagine most of those have been consumed leaving only invertebrates to feed on. August update on the fish: large shoals of fry seen near the edge of the water in several places–so certainly enough fish albeit slim pickings

High of 4 on the 29th July and 6 on the 2nd August (2 young, 4 adults)

89           Ring Ouzel           31/03/2018
Presumed male flying south along railway line

90           Whimbrel            02/04/2018
(7) 3 north on the 11th July, the remainder in singles 28th June, 10th & 30th July

91           Swallow               27/04/2018
One or two pairs nesting at the farm joined by other local birds regularly over the reservoir. Flocks of over 30 birds by mid August though nowhere near the numbers of House Martin

92           Sand Martin       27/04/2018
I don't know where the local colony is and after the initial sightings on the 27th April, when dozens were flying over the reservoir, sightings  have been irregular and concerning only a small number of birds. 

6 on the 2nd August
Last birds seen on the 3rd September

93           House Martin    27/04/2018
Several small colonies in the village itself with good numbers being seen over the reservoir. Around 100 hirundine (mainly HM) on the 24th feeding low over the water

94           Swift      27/04/2018
Up to 100 seen over the reservoir during June down to <20 birds by beginning of August. 17+ birds on the 19th, 1 on the morning of the 21st, back up to 8+ birds in the evening of the 22nd, and 3 with House Martin on the 23rd in the morning with numbers picking up slightly in the evening. 7+ on the morning of the 24th, 10+ on the 26th.

1 still on the 2nd of September was the last record

95           Blackcap               27/04/2018
Commonest of the warblers round here even heard singing in the village itself where at least 1 bird over wintered

96           Sedge Warbler  27/04/2018
At least 1 pair nested in the reeds next to the railway line, though 2 birds were singing on territory at the end of April.  Appeared to have vacated the patch by the end of July, though a migrant bird was seen on the reservoir apron on the 24th August (the first warbler seen actually by the reservoir!)

97           Common Whitethroat   27/04/2018
(c 10 territories) 9 birds on the 10th of August, still a few knocking around by the 23rd 
September: seen until the 3rd

98           Yellow Wagtail   27/04/2018
(2 pairs) Nesting in the oat fields to the south of the reservoir, another 2 pairs in the fields next to the footpath to Babraham. 7 birds came in on the reservoir on the evening of the 10th August, 3-4 still around by the 24th

September: 1 on the 2n, 3 on the 10th

99           Barnacle Goose 27/04/2018
(6)  3 on the 27/4 and a pair with one fledged young on the  [   ], part of a growing feral population which sometimes tag along with Canada or Greylags.  There was a pair of Snow Goose at the end of 2017 which spent a few days on the water-meadows in the wildfowl collection, so taken was the owner of the collection with these birds, he bought himself a pair after they had departed.  Apparently nested on Spicer's fishing lakes to the south

100         Lesser Whitethroat         28/04/2018
(3+ males on territory, with young noted in the hedgerow by the railway track). 
2 seen/heard on the 2nd September

101         Knot      28/04/2018
(1) Sheltering on the bank of the resi on a particularly unpleasant cold, windy day

102         Common Sandpiper        28/04/2018
 (30+)   4 on the 8th of June, July: 1 on the 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd (2), 24th (2-3), 25th, 26th (2), 27th (5), 28th (8), 9 on the 29th, 10-11 on the 30th, 10 on the 31st

August: 7 on the 1st, 5 (2nd), 4 (3rd), 4 on the morning of the 4th but up to 7 in the evening, back down to 4 the next morning (5th), 6 on the 6th, 4 on the 7th, 3 on the 8th–10th, 5 on the 11th, [5 on the 12th-13th SC], numbers falling away to just a single bird by the 19th, though a second bird appeared with it on the 21st, up to 3 again on the 23rd, back to at least 2 on the 24th–26th

September: 2 still on the 3rd, 3 on the evening of the 9th, 4 on the 14th, 2 on the 15th, 4 on the 16th, 6 on the 17th and just the 1 on the 18th

103         Sanderling           28/04/2018
(2) 2nd bird 24th May.
[Returning bird on the 12th August SC]

104         Marsh Harrier    28/04/2018
(6+) Birds moving through usually north. 3 sightings prior to this year with the first back in 2016, 2 sightings last year with one also seen hunting over arable fields just to the west of Fulbourn/south of Cherry Hinton

Various sightings in August and early September

One bird showing an interesting white rump (below)

105         Corn Bunting      28/04/2018
(3) One sang from the wires on the track by the reservoir throughout June, but not subsequently. Up to 10 singing birds were counted towards the new country park between Trumpington and the Addenbrookes Hospital complex, and 4 counted on territory this year towards Babraham.  Last autumn 30 + birds in the stubble fields from the cycle track into Cambridge.

106         Hobby   29/04/2018
(<10) With such large numbers of prey items over the reservoir I would have expected more sightings.  Last year they nested near the footpath to Babraham and raised 2 young–no sign of them there yet this year. First pair together on the 26th July and again on the 28th July catching hirundine.

A pair cleared the skies of House Martin on the 23rd August illiciting an interesting alarm call from the martins 

107         Little Ringed Plover         29/04/2018
5 adults throughout May and June with breeding attempted by 2 pairs in the gravel car park next to the entrance to the quarry.  The first pair hatched three young unfortunately predated by the end of their first week.  Whether the second pair even got the far I cannot say, but doubt it. All five had departed by the first week of June, though a couple of young birds spent the day on the 15th  July, 2 further birds on the 28th

Nested on the quarry for at least the last 4 year's though I have no idea how successful they were.

108         Reed Warbler    18/05/2018
(<10 territories) The ditch north of the track and along the railway line and towards the river west of the line are favoured , quite why they don't like the same ditch to the south of the track I can't understand. Down to a single bird by 20th August

September: 1 still by the railway crossing on the 2nd

109         Greenshank       18/05/2018
(11) The first stayed on the reservoir for at least 2 days. 1 on the 9th, 26th, 27th July. 

2 on the 5th of August (local birder Steve Cooper had another earlier that morning), 5 on the evening of the 6th, 3 on the 7th who were still present on the morning of the 10th, they were joined by a fourth bird on the morning of the 11th before they all headed off east [3 back on the 12th SC]. One on the 24th–26th August (SC: 2 on the 29th)

September: 1 still on the 3rd, which was probably the same bird still present on the 8-10th


110         Common Tern   18/05/2018
(Up to 6) A couple of birds nest on the lakes at Great Kneightley country park between Trumpington and Addenbrookes Hospital, but pass this way to fish on the lakes to the south and in the river to the west almost a daily.  A pair had a look at the island on the reservoir and while she was up for mating he wasn't quite on the same page. They return and harry anything near the islands and maybe next year if the island is still there they may have a go on it.  Birds usually seen hawking for insects over the lake rather than fishing.

A couple of fairly advanced juveniles appeared over the resi on 2 separate days towards the end of July, which were the last for the year

111         Willow Warbler 19/05/2018
I had hoped there would be nesting birds in Dernford Fen but like the singing birds by the railway crossing they didn't linger long. First returning bird of the autumn on the 30th July

August: One by the railway crossing on the 8th, singles heard on a few days up to the 20th, again on the 22nd and 24th

September:  3 on the 2nd

112         Garden Warbler      19/05/2018
(3) 3 singing birds on the 19th: 1 Dernford Fen, 2 along the railway line. Only the Dernford Fen bird sang on through June. 2 presumed young birds feeding in bushes along the railway line on the 30th July

113         Egyptian Goose   22/05/2018
(2)  A pair stuck around commuting between the wildfowl collection and the island on the reservoir, a bit of a mega compared with in London.


114         Black Tern           24/05/2018
(12) Wished for and got.  11 birds on the 24th of May and a further singleton on the 9th July

115         Dunlin   27/05/2018
(10+) Had one of these on the quarry last year and there will, hopefully, be more to come this. 2 birds flew off south on the 19th July, while a confiding youngster was there between the 20-22nd, 2 on the 23rd, 1 on the 24th, 26th–28th. 

August: 1 juvenile on the 8th & 9th, 3 on the 11th, 1 on the 14th, 1 between the 14th–18th

116         Turtle Dove        29/05/2018
(1) First for the patch and for 2 years in the locality

117         Mediterranean Gull        09/06/2015
(1) 1s bird briefly through north

118         Sandwich Tern  13/06/2018
(2) Luckily I took some pictures of the birds I'd initially thought were the regular Common Tern.  Happily wrong  

119         Curlew  15/06/2018
(7) A pair on the 15th June flew west across the reservoir, while 4 flew north on the 10th July and a single bird, also north, on the 11th.  One south over the village on the 26th July

120        Cuckoo 23/06/2018
(1) Thought I'd missed out on cuckoo for this year and no-one I'd spoken to had heard any, so I was pinning my hopes on young birds moving south–they may still turn up in the plentiful willows

121         Common Crane 25/06/2018
(1) Brief views of a bird as it rose over the treetops to the west of the water meadow and then appeared to be going to land. My second for the village–the first circled over our house when I was in my teens and well before breeding resumed in Norfolk

122         Black-tailed Godwit         04/07/2018
(10) A group of 5 birds circled the reservoir on the evening of the 4th before heading off NW, Steve at the wildfowl collection also had 2 towards the end of July, 2 SW on August 2nd and 2 east on the 6th the first ones to be seen in the morning, 1 s on the 7th.  All so far have been in breeding plumage

123         Redshank            06/07/2018
 (8) A pair on the 6th landed briefly before flying off, while a single on the 14th tarried a little while longer, 1 on the 27th, 30th and 31st July. 1 on the 4th & 5th August

September: 1 on the 9-10th

124         Common Scoter               12/07/2018
(1) Male bird spent the day on the resi happily diving for invertebrates. A star duck!

125         Northern Pintail               17/07/2018
(1) Female circled the reservoir from the west before heading back the way she came. Would have been on my "maybe" list for the autumn, but not this early

126         Grey Plover              26/07/2018
One summer plumaged adult with 7 Lapwing flew west over the reservoir 

127         Spotted Flycatcher             8/08/2018
First for the site for me. A second bird in exactly the same place on the 20th and 23rd

128        Ring-necked Parakeet             1/09/2018
And again on the 3rd...


129       Osprey             1/09/2018
Thought I had one distantly last year and nearly missed this, dismissing it as another Lesser Black-backed Gull...

130       Arctic Tern             3/09/2018
Juvenile on the morning of the 3rd September, fished for a while before disappearing...

131       Northern Wheatear             14/09/2018
A female type on the reservoir on the evening of the 14th and then a young male on the morning of the 15th

Still a few things missing from last year and it appears that many of the waders have gone through early or as yet not at all.  Then again last year this was still a quarry and may have had other benefits for passing waders especially

Sightings August-September 2017  Dernford Quarry

24th August

Greenshank, 6 Green Sandpiper

 31st August

3 Green Sandpiper, 2 C Snipe, 11 Swift

2nd September

2 Common Sandpiper, f Shoveler  PM

Wood Sandpiper flew east from quarry AM

4th September

6 C Snipe, 2 Shelduck, 2 Whimbrel calling, flying south, 7 Swift, singles of Common and Green Sandpiper, 200+ Lesser Black-backed Gull

5th September

2 C Sandpiper, 5 C Snipe, Little Egret, 5 Mandarin

6th September

24 Mandarin over water meadows

2 C Sandpiper, 8 Swift

11th September

Adult Yellow-legged Gull, Common Sandpiper

12th September

Juv Ruff, 2 Common Sandpiper, Little Grebe

13th September

2 Ringed Plover, Common Sandpiper, Yellow-legged Gull

14th September

2 Swift north over Stapleford

3 Green Sandpiper, f Goosander, 7 + Mandarin

Still the first winter period to come and it could be interesting...