Thursday, 27 March 2014


With my birding adventures confined to the patch, Rainham (yawn) and a little jolly down to the Denge (Bradwell), I've had little to blog about and no enthusiasm either. So rather than tire you, dear reader, of the mendacity of plodding round Rainham for bugger all, I will entreat you to consider these two wonderful appeals.


A once in a lifetime opportunity to create a fantastic wetland
Can you help us make a real step forward for wildlife in Essex?
Imagine a wetland creation adjoining our fantastic Fingringhoe Wick nature reserve

Raised: 58%
£49,957.00 raised of £85,830.00 target 

Help us to complete the Great Fen jigsaw

One of Europe's most ambitious and visionary nature restoration projects...

We have a fantastic opportunity to transform 182 hectares of land at the heart of the Great Fen.
With your help, not only could we transform this major new piece of land into a nature-rich haven, but crucially, we could at last join up a number of separate areas we are already restoring to become one huge swathe of habitat where wildlife can spread and flourish. The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded us £1.89 million towards this but we must urgently find £182,000 of match funding to release this generous grant. (The trust has a Landfill payment scheme that means your donation could free up monies 10 x its value)

our goal
raised so far

So instead of wasting huge amounts of money going to see an American Coot, do something useful and give something back to the wonderful world of nature...

Give it some