Saturday, 12 January 2013

100 up for the pointless London year-listing thingy

Oh yes!  Half way and serenely motoring on.  Nothing too exciting.  Tomorrow I join up with Bradders and Jono to re-visit the buffy(ies) and perhaps notch up a few other birdies on the way.  Might even get a non-London tick, or perhaps I should just close my eyes. The most exciting thing about the buffy, great bird(s) that it (they are) is, is I am being driven and don't have to face the frustration of the London Underground and national rail services on a Sunday.  Result.

I was going to the QM today, but as nothing had been heard after my second coffee of the morning, I decided to notch up some Rainham stuff.  The weather looked shit enough to persuade a few morsels up the river.  It did, I was right, but I missed them.

Had to make do with some stalwarts. They all count.  Best bird?  The one that was calling over my head as I traipsed back to Rainham owless and cold.  Haven't a clue what it was, but it sounded interesting.

Can you face another bad Stonechat picture?  I can't so have some other gloomy grey illustrations of why Rainham is top drawer.

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