Saturday, 2 February 2013

Down at the dump again

A tick and run raid on saaf London had been inked in for today, but thanks to some canoearst the bird in question had bolted, which left me with Rainham again. I will endeavour to go somewhere not Rainham tomorrow.  This of course meant another soul-destroying effort at the tip with nothing bar an adult and not adult Yellow-legged Gull (thanks entirely to two gullage geeks).  The wind had done a wrong-un and so even when I could clear the tears out of my eyes the scope wouldn't hold still long-enough to get the full glory of larid-world.  I gave up before my blood froze.

 A little bit of lunch left on the beak

Past the centre I was getting a bit desperate. A Kingfisher flashed by one of the ditches down by the woodland, the first for over 12 months for me here.  Soon after I picked up crow action against a Buzzard over towards Aveley, another first for a long time and that was about the highlight. Missed the brents, the Waxwing and the Bittern and my train -  nearly having a heart attack in the process. Scotland got beaten so all in all, a tad disappointing.  Bloody canoeists!

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