Monday, 4 March 2013

Orient Visitors

At the end of January I was lucky enough to approach and photograph this Jack Snipe in the Dagenham Brook at Leyton. I had visited the site as the weather had got colder in the hope of one of these turning up and on the 22nd I got 3! There were two in the brook and another in the weedy pool near the car park at Leyton Asda. The latter was unusual for a Jack Snipe in that it took off from the pool with Snipe and spent a few minutes in the air allowing some good flight views. There were two again in the brook on the 23rd and this one on the 24th and none since. They had been joined by 3-5 Snipe and a Green Sandpiper.

Then during my count for the Big Garden Birdwatch a Common Whitethroat turned up in Sidmouth Park, another nice surprise for the winter, however I had seen one near the tip in November. No photos of this I'm afraid though.

Then it was time to track down the Waxwings in Leytonstone where I got these snaps:

Waxwings at Leytonstone
Following all this on the 16th of Feb, another unexpected visitor was a Woodlark which had I been home I reckon I could have seen from my balcony. However, I did get at least 2 Waxwings over the Balcony in the evening on the 18th Feb.

Fieldfares looking very cool on a sycamore near Ive Farm Lane, at first these birds were facing forward in exactly the same position in beautiful synchronicity

Despite missing the Bittern on the Waterworks NR even after 5 attempts, I did get Paul Whiteman's Slavonian Grebe on the East Warwick Reservoir, and after a couple of attempts the water vole on the Marshes, plus another view of the Little Owl in the roost hole and 2 Water Rails. 

I am currently working on a film soundtrack for a friends horror film with my group Pig7 which will be filmed on Walthamstow Marshes. There is an event at the Cinema Museum in Kennington on Friday featuring improvised music to film and the excellent band Prescott featuring Kev Hopper, Frank Byng, Rhodri Marsden: if anyone reads this and is interested

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