Friday, 17 May 2013

Greenshank redemption

Rainham had a couple of good wader days this week. Not much good to me as the news arrived while I was at work. Happily I mused that it would be a one day event, unhappily it was repeated the following day.

So, nothing for it but to go and have a look myself. While the previous day's weather had been truly atrocious, Thursday was probably the nicest morning I've ever had down the river and as such totally rubbish for birds. One Greenshank all to show for the effort of getting up and out nice and early.

OK the Cuckoos were good, perching up nicely (not that you'd know it from my shots), and a female Wheatear on the strand line. To cap it all I left my phone in the butts hide, so I'll have to go back Saturday. On the plus side though, the weather looks pretty grim so there's more chance of a good wader popping up. Here's hoping!

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