Saturday, 15 February 2014

Yellow-arsed, small yank bird, totally obscured by twigs, in the gloom somewhere up North!

About covers it.  Call it Yellow-rumped Warbler, call it Myrtle Warbler - it was my first lifer of the year and when it showed, well, it was a very pretty little thing.  Trouble is it didn't do much of the showing and when it did it performed behind twigs or the only coconut shell (deliberately secreted in the hedge) that was facing the other way. Nice little ticking call too which it used to vent it's frustration at being harassed by the local Robin bully.

So yes we went to Durham.

We got bored of the whole not showing well bit and went home. Four Red Kites somewhere near Weatherby and a Hen Harrier over Paxton Pits, so lifer home county ticks for both Mr Lowen (Yorkshire) and myself (Cambridgeshire).

Thanks to Mr Bradnum for providing the transport and Mr Lethbridge for getting his head and camera in the way, not that I missed anything there!

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