Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Hexamshire: Down on Annie's Farm

So here I am just south of Hadrian's Wall, and looking out of the window I can't see another house, or building.  The only sounds that of a fridge, a bluebottle and the sheep outside.  I suppose I'll have to get out soon and wander up one of the myriad of little wooded valleys in search of a Pied Flycatcher, but at the moment the sun is warming my back and it feels rather nice.

Friday's trauma of getting up early, sprinting across town and the 4 hour game of sardines on the train - forgotten, after a quick walk up the .... (I would tell you where I am, but unfortunately I have no idea, the only map in the house is held together with so much tape and is as brittle as a dead sea scroll...), it was remarkably quiet save for the sound of the lively little stream and the wind in the tops of the trees.

What an awful place to be...

Just a taster. Writing is soooo boring, especially when you've got a well stocked cellar and fridge to get through and with scenary like this. No pics from the big Canon yet, that will have to wait.

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