Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Small bird in gloom, larger bird partially hidden in a reedbed, and a butterfly!

By now you are probably all heartily sick of oozingly good photos of the juv Ballion's at Rainham, so rather than spend many fruitless hours trying to improve my piss poor attempts, I give you them in all their glorified crapness. Still tick no.280 to be followed up by a likewise photographically challenged Short-billed Dowitcher at Lodmoor (tick no. 281).

Can't knock the day though, out with two of London's finest Mr Archer and Mr Bonser (I am not worthy) and a certain Mr L. All very entertaining stuff capped off with a wonderful wayward butterfly and some pretty damn fine fish'n'chups.

Nicked off the back of Jono's camera and still crap!

Garden Warbler at Rainham 

OK I might have cheated here a bit, but the sucker wasn't for showing well 

Tim, Rich and Jono and butterfly twitch

Painted Lady

fine establishment

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