Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tripping with Mr L

A couple of weeks back Mr L and I tripped off to Rainham and then to Oare, great place, wader's in your face.

Sunday we were joined by Mr H, and were on the look out for fresh in migrants.  Missed the only bird that would have fit that description - a Barred Warbler found on the beach at Landguard an hour or so after we left.

Hot and not a lot to show, great days out though...

August has not be kind, all of the good birds are miles away and even when there are good birds close by I can't quite meet up with them. So I planned another trip down to the bill and a bit of scurrying between the obs and their traps, Hoopoes, Wryneck and some sea-watching.  Jono liked the sea-watching element, but decided Pendeen.

14 hours or so in a car, 12 sodden hours on a wet plastic seat, but happy: one lifer (Great Shearwater), and 3 year ticks: Long-tailed SKua, Cory's and Balearic Shearwater, and best of all news from home of a Wryneck on the patch (sunday tick). 

So 279 got, 21 to go.

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