Sunday, 18 November 2012


Having lined up three birds to clear this infuriating listing flimflam, I managed to cock it up big time with the help of Greater Anglia and South West Trains.  Yeagh I blame you!.

It all started off well with the permanent Ring-billed Gull at Gosport (according to Birdguides long-stayers list, this was first seen here when HMS Victory was growing in the shade of the New Forest, no wonder it's head is flecked with grey.  Hard bird to pin down though. Well it might have been if hadn't been for the fact it was the first one I looked at.  Much like its compatriot at Westcliff (now sadly departed), it didn't do much bar one quick shriek at a passing black-head.  In the end I kicked it in the water and made off for the ferry.

Then it all went down hill and crashed rather successfully. Umming and aahing I tried to cover both options.  Train to Havant and then dependant on which came first; the train to Chichester or word on the RB Goose.  Both came together as did the doors, with me on the wrong side. No matter, drastic action called for.  Taxi from Chichester, bag the Hoody (not realising that the bird hadn't been seen all day), and speed back for a leisurely wander round Farlington for the lost goose.

The taxi had other ideas, taking me to the new RSPB visitor centre on the opposite side to where I wanted.  A quick, very muddy dash over to the right place to be greeted with sad birders. Arse.  By this time my bridges were smouldering nicely, so I did the only ting that is right and proper in situations like this: I gave up.

Nice evening, goldies everywhere, and some other stuff. Luckily in Pagham I found a bus stop and soon after a bus found me, thus avoiding a 7 mile walk to mull over the debacle.  Never mind with just one little birdy to get to reach the yawn...  I predict it will be a Waxwing and I predict it will be on the patch, which by any measure is better than a dodgy-probably-escaped-or-at-least-from-a feral-population-in Germany duck and a similarly-plasticy-goose.

Or maybe I'll be back. Grrrrrrrrrr

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