Saturday, 3 November 2012

Getting serious

After last weekend's debacle I had suddenly begun thinking that I might screw up my crusade for this year.  So armed with a few days holiday it was off to finish the thing off once and for all.  And it might have worked with a bit of planning, some planning, planning and some luck.  Nearly a thousand miles later and I came up somewhat short of my target.  Still a showy Wheatear at Abberton,

distant White-rumps at Cley,

the last of the trinity of truly special "smart" birds - a Hoopoe at Weston-super-Mare

and, at bloody last, I caught up with a Ring-necked Duck at Chew made the "not quite making it" somewhat easier to take.

Took more pictures in the last four days than in my time in Shetland, so I'll need another week off just to process them.  Here then is just a little spoiler.

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