Saturday, 17 November 2012

Great White Egrets(c)at Dungeness

Now obviously I didn't go there specifically for the egrets, however they did kind of steal the show, seeing as there were four of them and three decided to fly around my head for a while. I am still waiting to see one of these big herons anywhere else, though at least I can confidently say it was not the same bird as on all the other occasions.

A quick stomp through the reserve for my main target up at the lighthouse, but instead of going by road and risking all in the face of speeding atomic workers, I chose the newly sign-posted footpath to the ness, which runs between the new diggings and the visitor centre lake.  It turned out to be a bit like walking to Blakeney Point without the sea.

It was late afternoon when I finally got through the desert, to be fair it did have some interesting bits along the way, and an even later Swallow flew south over the power station.

I could see a few hardy types peering into the lighthouse garden, among them Richard Cockerill, who appears to appear every other twitch I go on. Lift home sorted, thanks Rich.

The Pallas's showed not long after I got there but in it's flighty and industrious state was hard to pin down for pics, and the light just got worse and worse. Excuses over, got some fantastic views of it as it hovered, flycatched and basically entertained.  A rather showy Firecrest was a Kent tick, sweet!

So #298 bagged and it's off again tomorrow for a suspect goose, suspect duck and a yank gull. All going well I can put the year listing nonsense to bed and climb in with it.

And finally for you lovers of scat...

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