Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dining at the Cross Ness buffet

It's never going to get into the Michelin guide, but the origins of the soup de jour wasn't going to put off these discerning diners and quite a spectacle it served up too. Star attraction was one 2nd summer Bonaparte's Gull, which could well be one of the birds from last year returning for another helping of what south London was offering up.  Even Rich Bonser had not seen a adult BG in this country, and quite frankly phwoarr!  Better looking than the Sab's Gull of the KGV a couple of years' ago even if it wasn't dancing at the end of your feet.

Since some of the best photographers in London were there and blog overload has already begun, I will proffer my humble record shots in the sure and certain knowledge that you will see better.  Still a London tick since I gave the birds last year one shot and got very bored quickly looking at Black-headed Gull from the wrong side of the river. All together a much more satisfying spectacle this and Cross Ness didn't smell as bad as it can, and best of all Jono was on hand to give me a lift back to civilisation, so I didn't have to walk the mean streets, where horses graze the verges.

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