Saturday, 27 July 2013

Dip, dippety, dip, dip, dip

That's the sound of Crossbill at Lynford Arboretum laughing at us, that is!

A great plan by Mr Bradders to bash Frampton and Lynford for both Baird's Sandpiper and Two-barred Crossbill respectively; a plan I could relish, both being lifers.  Relish turned into a gloopy dip, the one always left over in the fridge until it can walk.

Nice to have a day out of London and we saw some good birds; among them a family of Spot Fly at Lynford, a couple of Red Kites (Norfolk tick) and a good number of wader, ending with a lost Whimbrel as the sea mist trundled inland to the field where we were dipping, again, before heading home.

The Baird's had done a runner overnight, so we dipped by proxy.  Lynford was chupping away nicely with a good number of Common Crossbill, but not the one we wanted.  We dipped at Kelling Heath, not only for 2-bar, but Dartford Warbler too. Then to Cley where we dipped Curlew and Pectoral Sandpiper, and dipped the sea which was covered in a warm grey fug. Finally we dipped Monty's in a secret location known only to a few, amongst whom the Harrier in question was not to be counted.

Mr Lethbridge wisely stayed at home in bed.  Sage fellow.

good with dips

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