Friday, 23 August 2013

Phalarope fillip

After being unaware of last weekend's monster mega, which would have flown in front of my face, and rather a lot of dips lately it was nice to be on the right side of a good bird.  With a big thanks to all who made it possible: Jono for the alert, Josh for having the foresight to have his car go in for servicing just around the corner from the KGV, Adrian Pearson for opening the gates and of course Harry Lacey for finding "the bird", and the Black Terns for just being Black Terns and being there.

But that's not why your here, you want shit hot pics of a first winter Red-necked Phalarope.  Alas you came to the wrong place.  Shit they are by anyone's standards, but a two Pointless London List ticks, a lifer, London-lifer, and an Essex tick - I ain't complaining.

More cropping than a field full of sheep....

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