Monday, 12 May 2014

South Korea part 5 - Busan continued

Female Daurian Redstart
I stood for ages in this part of the forest recording the sounds around me. Eventually the Bulbuls would push off a lot of the migrants but before that a Japanese Thrush landed above me and began to sing, a Black-naped Oriole dropped in and started singing. 2 Pacific Swifts were flying about with a group of Swallows, including 1 at least Red-rumped.

Brown-eared Bulbul (at last a reasonable picture of one spying on me)
Ashy Minivet
Asian Brown Flycatcher
Ashy Minivet
Grey-backed Thrush

Things got even better when I found a small group of Brambling and amongst them at least 5 Japanese Waxwings, and got some terrible shots for the record. They were quite hard to approach and considering they were down a forested slope not easy to get anywhere near anyway.

On the way back I stopped for a couple of beers at an outdoor cafe, took in the view and enjoyed the sun, it was certainly getting quite busy now and there were lots of people walking along the boardwalk. A Pacific Reef Egret flew past, the only one I saw and I almost missed it.

Grey-tailed Tattler
The next morning I had a walk around the busy Dongbeak park at the end of Haeundae Beach. The White-eyes were still there but there were also more migrants around. I could hear a thrush singing, a zoothera type thrush somewhere under an egret colony. Then I flushed an all dark thrush from the edge of the path and heard the bird singing again, it was a male Siberian Thrush, very hard to get a good look at as it spent most of the time on the ground in the cover of the bamboos. However it was giving a lot of subdued song and it seemed so close. I finally went under the egret colony to peer into the gloom and saw it fly off again further into the bamboos.

The egret colony consisted of Great and Little Egrets with Grey Herons and a Chinese Pond Heron appeared perched out on top of a tree but quickly flew off when I got the camera on it. I also caught sight of something odd perched on a branch by the beach in the grounds of the Nurimaru APEC House. It had a black cap and white collar, couldn't figure it out and I got mostly a silhouette, then it flew towards the sea and it was clearly some kind of Kingfisher, presumably a Black-capped. But frustratingly the area was out of bounds and fenced off with a security guard at one end and I didn't see the bird after it flew down towards the water.

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