Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dial R for boredom

Nice sunny day, too late to hit the patch, I thought to go to Rainham to clean up on the warblers.   Started so well, Reed, Sedge, Common Whitethroat, and Willow all before I got to the security barrier on Cold Harbour Lane.  Two Wheatear over the Serin mound and then I hit a metaphorical and physical (river) wall.  Down hill for there on in.

A couple of Whimbrel flapped around,a Dunlin picked it's way through the increasing number of dead gulls on the target pools, and of course the Little Ringed Plover.  Bugger all else.  No martin, missed the tern and the Marsh Harrier, even the Peregrine couldn't be arsed to show itself. With storm clouds threatening I thought I'd dash back to the centre to avoid a good soaking. Watched the river for a bout half an hour, 1 Swallow my prize.  I was on the point of heaving myself over the balcony to join the gulls in the afterlife, when a Turtle Dove zoomed passed the centre and over Purfleet in a definite hurry.  Can't blame it (tick #203).

Was planning to go to Scotland tonight to try for the Greater Yellowlegs, etc. but I've lost my enthusiasm. Rainham can do that to you.

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