Wednesday, 4 April 2012

March on track

Well it wasn't fantastic and some of it quite hard work, but unlike most hard work this was at least enjoyable.  The tropical weather didn't help, but managed to get par towards the 300 mark, April will have to make up for a lot though...

 Iceland Gull doing camouflaged at the concrete barges Rainham

Cracked the Hume's, the Richard's and Iceland Gull and finally caught up with a Rose-coloured Starling, but now with the Easter weekend looming it's decision time, where the hell should I go next.  I was tempted by the long-haul up to Aberdeen for King Eider and the Greater Yellowlegs, but the cost, the travelling and the return of winter to that region means I might opt for the more genteel environment of Portland - since most of the migrants seemed to have pitched up west.  Decisions, decisions.  No doubt what ever I decide it will be proved wrong.

Today is the anniversary of the Stone Curlew over the flats, we had hoped for shitty weather this morning but the front appears to have gone through in the night.  This morning there's hardly a cloud in the sky, so I had a lie in letting the others take the disappointment of a quiet morning on the flats.  Their texts having, so far, proved me right. I am cream crackered, my knees giving constant gip - I need a pick-me-up, so if a nice rarity could flop down somewhere close by....

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