Sunday, 28 April 2013


A quick spin around the flats and park before heading off to Amwell for the first time this year. A singing Sedge Warbler (the third this year) was on Alex and that was just about it.  Until that is Bob, fresh back from a little sojourn in Wales found a Garden Warbler singing and not holding still in the Esso copse, just as well as one who shall remain nameless fluffed his ID this week (and it wasn't me!).

Off to Amwell then for a Wood Warbler and a Pied Flycatcher just about on the border of the known world and the rest of Hertfordshire. The last prognosis was that the Wood Warbler was not in the the London recording area.  Never mind, it would be nice to see one at its best and a male Pied Fly worth going anywhere (near) for.  Immediately on arriving I met Marco, who had obviously had the same idea, who confirmed that both were currently outside "London".  The Wood Warbler was probably 10-20 yards outside when I joined a group of admirers watching it as it worked away through the trees.  Gradually it turned the right way and was heading towards the border. We followed. Suddenly it did the right thing and flew across the tow path and down the navigation and beyond the bridge from the view point, well and truly in London.  Trouble is I wasn't, but I am going to count it anyway, since I don't think, currently, I'll be breaking any records.

I did try looking for it, but to no avail, so I turned my attention to the Pied Fly.  Luck was with me again as it showed quite quickly through the trees.  No chance of getting this on the London list, but hopefully Wanstead should come up trumps, but this was only the second adult male I've seen - a wait of oh, er, too many years.

That done I took a train back to Broxbourne and followed the BirdGuide app until I got lost. It had been trying to take me to the middle of some glass houses.  I had thought I knew where I was going, but after a while it dawned on me I had never been here before, where I thought I was was 2 miles further north. After reading the details of the sighting properly I rectified me error, found the lake found the bird (Scaup).  Off course someone will now tell me its a hybrid.


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