Saturday, 13 April 2013

The smell of Crossness

After a rather successful but brief skip around the flats (Kittiwake) I met up with Mr Bradnum and along with Jono we ventured in to uncharted waters for me, Crossness and south of the river. There is an atmosphere to the place, which might have something to do with the rather large sewage works there, but the ducks love it and,, in particular, an yank duck with no sense of smell, or particularly choosy when it comes to where and what it eats.

 London's first Green-winged Teal for some time (thanks to Mr Bonser) and a London tick for all of us. Tick and run, but the place will live with me for a long time, or at least till I have a bath.  Next stop Rainham and another quick scurry around, culminating in me laying my Lesser Redpoll ghost with five feeding in a willow.  Another few Rainham ticks and a year tick in the form of a solitary Whimbrel and we are off again to the KGV and who knows a female scaup.  Well I know! It wasn't there, what there was there was persistent rain and a chill wind.  The hirundines didn't mind and amongst them was my year's first House Martin. On the way we had a little photo opportunity in the form of a pair of Mandarin on a small pond in Buckhurst Hill.  Yay no need to go to Connaught Water.

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  1. Hi Nick

    Having made my first visit to Crossness yesterday, I know first hand about the special aroma's of this area.
    But it was well worth it for the Yank duck.
    Only found it after the eyes stop watering and I could take another breath.