Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wot I did on my holiday

Back to Uist shortly, but for now a little interlude...

Monday: after finding a Little Ringed Pullover on the flats and full of the joys of spring I spent 5 hours freezing my nads off looking for the Red Throated Diver on Staines Res. Just as I was giving up and throwing myself in the water, on the grounds it was probably warmer than I was, I jammed in on it having a bit of a fly around on the George VI. Thought it was coming back to the north basin but sadly it didn't.  Had to make do with a showy Back-necked Grebe in summer refinement, which steadfastly refused to to turn into the light, a female Long-tailed Duck and millions of Goldeneye.

Tuesday: Not having had enough of the cold wind I took Stevey T down to Rye for the Kentish Plover, a lifer for us both. Then after helping two elderly gents on to the bird, I cadged a lift down to Dunge, for another lifer for Mr Thorpe in the form of a couple of Great White Egrets.

Wednesday: Got me own GWE flying over the flats.  Mr Lethbridge was happy for me!

Following this programme there will be a short documentary on the Birds of Kenya by Mr Vaughan who has just returned from there, before joining us on the Bradder's Birding tour of the Hebrides.  Enjoy.

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