Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rushed thrush saved by superb sub sub

Three of London's finest showing how to take a photo: Left to right James Lowen (preferred method kneeling),
Rich Bonser (reclined), Jono (poised)

My god an early start! Three hours sleep and I am careering over the flats to Jono's house for the pick up to go to Spurn.  But we never got there.  As we waited, circling a roundabout in Peterborough, on news, which when it did come was fairly negative, we considered our options.  Well just the one really.  A showy Sub-alpine Warbler (of an Eastern persuasion) was the only real option and as it turned out a shrewed move.

On our arrival we quickly joined the gathering following the little bird up and down the brambles just north of Icky Ridge,and what a little performer.  Not the least phased by the over eager amongst us, unlike it's other human admirers who could be heard mumbling distinctly about invasion of patches and bloody photographers. Did the bird care? Did it co-coa!

Oooh a Linnet!

Several hundred images later and we decide that we should have a look round the rest of Landguard just in case something had been overlooked. Around 20 Wheatear and an ouzel not for showing. The weather was not looking great so we spared ourselves the ouzel and the rain and hammered it down to Chigborough lakes where a female Ring-necked Duck was quickly dispatched, and for me my first Cuckoo of the year.  News of the Crossness green-winged Teal's relocation to the slightly more fragrant Rainham meant Jono and I had to go for it.  The irony being that Mr Bonser, our driver for the day, had found the bloody thing. More ironically still I had to find it for him on the target pools.

With some of the day left and a growing urgency to catch up with some of the birds I should have on the PLL I bade them farewell and stayed at Rainham.  Didn't help the pointless listing thing much with only a reeling gropper on the west side of the silts for all my leaden footed effort. I couldn't care though as I was absolutely cream-crackered.  Good day though.  Thanks Rich.

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