Thursday, 7 June 2012


Rye Harbour, nice place.  Hadn't visited the actually beach part of the reserve before, so a bit new.  Kicked a few terns around trying to find a Roseate Tern for my year list and get a few snaps of it hoofing off as I waded through the breeding colony*.  Couldn't find it. Had a Turtle Dove hurtle passed which is nice.  On the way back to Rye, fuck me Ostriches! 

Spent the rest of the afternoon furiously thrashing through the reeds at Dungeness* so I could get some far off shots of a Purple Heron.  It finally gave itself up and found somewhere safer to hide.  I was very wet by this time so I went home.  Tick, get very wet and walk...

 Job done.  Filthy tick 246.

* Of course I didn't, the birds are far more important than any crap photos or silly lists that I might keep

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