Sunday, 24 June 2012

Specifically Pacific

Nothing too outrageous today, a leisurely saunter up to Cley with Mr L, parked the car, wandered along the shore.  Met some birders, showed us our bird, job done.

We followed it as it flew back to the scrape and it showed well but distantly.  A beautiful job, as all plovers are in summer.  But where was the margin to the black on its body?  Probably holding its wing low was the reply.  OK, everything else appeared to fit.  A cracker! Luckily there were no European jobs hanging around so it was a bit of a cake walk.

A couple of Spoonbills hid amongst the vegetation, hundreds of Avocet milled about, families of shelduck on view, Dunlin, Redshank of the Spotted and Common varieties, some nice red Godwits, a couple of Little Gull juveniles, Sandwich Terns already beginning to moult and a good number of Pied Wags.  The place was heaving, but we couldn't stay.  A quick diversion for a minute to look at the rather smart Sacred Ibis (one day it will be tick worthy, and why not since they're getting stuffed on their home ground, let's have em here), and back to London.


 On the return leg Kestrels (14+ ), coming far too close to the road, but that's what happens after a deluge, things get attracted to roads because they dry so quickly.  I hope there are still 14+ tomorrow.

Crap pictures courtesy of a 2x converter and ineptitude.

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