Monday, 16 December 2013

You aint seen me, right?

"You won't tell on me, will you?"

Of course not!

Today I saw a Ruddy Duck, amongst a few other ruddy ducks which were Tufties. I will not say where I saw this RD, not because I do or don't support the cull of these rather smart little birds for their promiscuous misdemeanours with "our" (Spanish) birds.  It is not my place, not my patch,  to make that decision.

I would have gone earlier in the year, but the reports were not good, but today I thought what the hell.  The hell was wading through goose shit in my smart shoes to find it.

PLL #194.  One day left before I can rush around town to my heart's content and I am beginning to enjoy it again, but that could be purely down to the fact I haven't dipped on the last three birds. Tomorrow I can see that all changing as I finally head to Richmond to conjure up a Dartford Warbler, which is unlikely to be there.

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