Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Another birding bunting bloomer

It has been brought to my attention that I may have been a tad careless in one of my posts and indicated that I had not seen a bird, then posted a picture of the said bird that I didn't see, therefore I did see the bird that I didn't see as I managed to take it's picture.

Glad that's cleared up.

Thanks go out to the East Tilbury Birder, who had the stamina to wade through all the guff and dross to find the bird I alluded too above. It appears I did see the Little Bunting at Landguard!

Yay, year tick!

All I can say is, a Little Bunting was reported on the pager as being present as I wandered up to Landguard. A group of birders were looking for it by Icky ridge where it had last been seen. However, after a bit of a stop to er! relieve myself round a former WWII piece of furniture, I walked round by the cottages where I saw a bunting near the feeders. Looked interesting so I snapped it.


I did show it to a couple of other birders near by, however stating that it was probably a reedy. They agreed, but that was from the small screen of the Canon so can't really blame them.

But it appears I was wrong, but right at the same time. Having received new guidance I sent the picture off to the Landguard Obs yesterday and received this reply:

Hi Nick

Brilliant - I was not going to pursue this record as I was only 99% sure it was one from the brief views we had of it. Your photo confirms it. Please make yourself known next time you are down here as I would like to thank you personally

All the best,

Nigel Odin
Landguard Bird Observatory

Mr East Tilbury Birder you have made 2 people very happy, and so a big thankyou for that...

I am a Little Bunting, you twat!

... and we'll gloss over the fact that I am still a bit crap!

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